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CloudCoreo offers a proactive and continuous approach for keeping your cloud infrastructure secure. In addition to continuous monitoring, we discover public cloud misconfigurations or risks at deploy time, so they can fixed before breaches or compliance policy violations can occur.

With CloudCoreo you can inspect your entire infrastructure stack (cloud services, hosts, and application configuration) to provide insights and shared visibility across Security and DevOps teams. This ensures you are always provisioning and maintaining secure infrastructure.

With CloudCoreo, secure infrastructure begins at deployment time and continues throughout the lifecycle of the deployment.

Proactive Security

Don’t wait for your scheduled scan, find out about vulnerabilities as soon as they are created.

Fix Issues at the Source

With CloudCoreo Deploy Time, give insight directly to the cloud infrastructure deployer so issues can be fixed immediately.

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Block on Violations

Integrate with your existing CI/CD pipeline to prevent vulnerabilities from being promoted into production.

Lower your Cost of Remediation

Note acceptable risks early in the development process and reduce back and forth between Security, DevOps, and Application teams.

Innovate Faster

Scale best practices across application and DevOps teams. Shorten the time to launch secure applications.

A Platform for Modern Cloud Teams

Learn about how CloudCoreo provides a better time for fixes, insights for the entire organization, and cloud expertise on demand.


From developers, to cloud managers, to the security team, to the C-suite, CloudCoreo provides visibility to everyone, and gives each role the tools they need to get their job done better.


Our Customers’ Say…

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  • Base2 Solutions
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  • CloudCoreo puts the right information in front of our DevOps and Security teams to prevent cloud vulnerabilities. If you’re operating in public cloud, understanding the security configuration is a must.Anji Greene, Senior Manager of Security, Bazaarvoice
  • The coverage is better than anything else we’ve seen on the market. It’s very powerful to bring together all these checks and target your results for specific use cases like NIST compliance scans.Andrew Hosch, VP of Software and Security, Base2 Solutions
  • It’s easy to miss something when you’re doing security, especially in the cloud, so it’s nice to have a suite of tests off the shelf. Checking the security of cloud configuration is just a part of the rigor for ensuring our systems are secure.Kenny Daniel, Chief Technology Officer, Algorithmia

CloudCoreo offers support for 100% of AWS cloud services, and is continually adding support for Microsoft Azure.
Our out-of-the-box rulesets check for cloud service misconfigurations as well as infrastructure risks throughout your entire application stack.

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