CloudCoreo & Continuous Cloud Automation

CloudCoreo is a leading Continuous Cloud Automation solution, a new segment which aims to combine the agile cloud deployment that DevOps seeks with the cloud policy control that IT requires.

Our platform delivers a modern Infrastructure-as-Software approach and is designed to leverage the expertise of a core group of DevOps and SecOps experts throughout an organization. Allowing these cloud infrastructure experts to develop Composites (reusable, inheritable cloud designs) that individuals or teams of developers can use as is, or modify and extend to meet the needs of their application, ensures that cloud infrastructure stays consistent throughout the organization over the life of the application.

CloudCoreo was developed by DevOps / SecOps out of frustration over the lack of tools that allow reuse to deploy and maintain cloud infrastructure over time. Cloud experts are in sparse supply and overwhelmed in every organization by sheer amounts of work. They often feel like they are fighting a tire fire—an endless, growing fire that simply can never be extinguished and covers the environment in a cloud of black smoke. This is the life of the DevOps and SecOps experts. CloudCoreo’s platform is built to prevent a tire fire in your organization by providing a platform that empowers and leverages your cloud experts.

The Coreo Moose
The CloudCoreo Team
CloudCoreo is a team of seasoned individuals with diverse backgrounds in technology including DevOps and cloud infrastructure, data center and cloud networking, IT automation and cloud management. Our people bring experience from companies such as Union Bay Networks, F5 Networks, Blackbaud, Infoblox, Chef, Cloudswitch, BMC, and Tempered Networks, among others.

Our Investors

Madrona Venture Group
Aristos Ventures
Data Collective