Rubin's vase, an image that can either be perceived as a vase or two silhouettes

The Power of Context

cloudcoreo George Moberly 0 Comments

It seems obvious to say, but without context, nothing for us as humans makes any sense. I have recently started learning Russian. I was very proud of myself for learning the block letters of the Cyrillic alphabet when I then learned that there is also the cursive letter set, in which several of them just seem like an endless series …

The inside of a grain silo

The New IT Silo

cloudcoreo George Moberly 0 Comments

The more things change, the more they stay the same. IT teams have battled siloing “forever.” In recent years, the term DevOps has been coined (followed by child terms such as SecOps, DevSecOps, NoOps) to express the nirvana idea was that there would finally be a wonderful place where there were no more silos. Individuals would be fully capable of …