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Continuous Compliance

Get a single source-of-truth for what is running in your production cloud accounts, continuously monitor your account for violations, notify stakeholders, and revert your infrastructure when something is out of compliance.

Integrated Micro-Auditing

Scan cloud deployments for best practices in reliability, scalability, security, and compliance.

Schedule an audit for any AWS account or bake in micro-audits for specific cloud services as new infrastructure is deployed. Easily take action on issues and customize your alerts.

The Coreo Engine audits your AWS Cloud and any new deployments for best practice violations.

Policy that doesn’t block progress.

Allow DevOps to work quickly while maintaining visibility and approvals for SecOps teams.

The CloudCoreo webapp displays alert violations.

Custom Alerting and Deep Cloud Inspection

Create sophisticated alerts that matter to your business. Quickly and efficiently scan hundreds of thousands of cloud resources and configuration parameters. Easily parse results by AWS tags, alert service owners, and take automated action.

Example Alerts

  • Alert if an unapproved AMI instance type is launched AND it’s outside US-East-1
  • Alert if resources are created without proper tags AND it’s been up for 5 minutes AND it wasn’t launched by the CTO