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CloudCoreo provides pre-made Composites for one-click deployments for an AWS audit, VPN, or kubernetes on etcd

Cloud Teams & Access Control

Ensure all cloud engineers retain the visibility and control required for fast, safe, repeatable deployments. Create cloud operations teams, invite members and limit access across any number of cloud accounts. Grant view-only, operational and full administrative control to launch and modify new infrastructure.

Standardize Infrastructure Designs and Policies

Establish a set of vetted cloud designs that can become the basis for provisioning and auditing infrastructure in your company. New designs can be easily built or combined to drive cloud best practices and consistency. With shared designs, the whole team can use, modify, and extend on existing work.

Standardize Cloud Operations

Invite your team to start launching consistent infrastructure across your apps, groups and accounts.

Fix Once, Update Everywhere

Automate changes or security fixes in minutes by updating a parent Composite design. Each team member that has infrastructure based off this design will be notified of a change. Changes can be reviewed or automatically inherited in the design and pushed to running infrastructure.

Make simple modifications to vast cloud resources across an organization in record time:

  • Fix vulnerabilities, such as heartbleed, across all instances
  • Enable Amazon encrypted volume support across all regions
  • Change IAM policies across all accounts
Composites retain their inheritance even after you make customizations which makes rolling out updates simple.