Platform Overview

Deploy cloud infrastructure quickly, correctly, and keep it that way.

Find a Cloud Design

CloudCoreo provides out of the box, high quality cloud reference designs called Composites. Whether you need a simple cloud audit or a sophisticated application deployment, we can help.

Deploy in Minutes

Simply specify your deployment variables and let CloudCoreo take care of the rest. We understand cloud resources and dependencies and can automate your infrastructure in a single click or command.

Stay Consistent and Track Every Change, Automatically

CloudCoreo will alert or revert any unapproved infrastructure changes, maintaining a single source of truth. Ensuring cloud governance and consistency has never been this easy.

The Coreo Engine provisions and controls your cloud resources.

Scale DevOps & SecOps Talent

Choose from Audit, Network, or Compute Composites, deploy and see the results from within the CloudCoreo interface.

Collaborate with Your Team

Invite other members of your team to define, create, operate or view your infrastructure. Share and standardize designs. Add cloud accounts and create new teams.

Maintain Visibility and Control

The CloudCoreo interface allows you to see a full view of the results and health of your deployment. Define custom interfaces tailored to your team’s needs or expose additional controls for common operational tasks.