‘Fire and Forget’ Creates a Mess
Deploy and Maintain Cloud Resources

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Coreo Composites are secure, scalable, reliable, and extensible.

Save Time with Production Grade DevOps Designs

Leverage production grade cloud designs that are engineered, tested and maintained to make sure you stay deployed correctly in the cloud. Receive automated design updates to maintain best practices across reliability, scalability, security and compliance.

Write Once, Deploy Consistently

Eliminate the error-prone and time consuming experience of stitching together JSON and scripts to provision cloud infrastructure. Create reusable cloud infrastructure deployments that are simple to define, extend, and share with others. Use a common design to provision and control various dev, test, and prod environments across any number of accounts or regions.

Shown Right: Using Composites, cloud infrastructure designs can be deployed consistently across various environments, AWS accounts, and regions.

CloudCoreo uses Composites to deploy consistently.

Manage Your Infrastructure Like Software

With a complete revision history of all cloud modifications directly in Git, multiple approvers across teams or organizations can gate changes to production deployments.

Version and Auto-Heal Cloud Deployments

Regularly check that your cloud deployment matches your system of record and alert on or revert any unapproved changes. Eliminate cloud drift and quickly restore cloud services to recover from manual errors and downtime.

Choose to revert or send an email alert when cloud drift is detected.