Application Infrastructure Integrity

Integrated Configuration Scans and Hardening For Cloud Based Resources

The Problem

Hardening Your New Application Infrastructure Stack

It’s no secret that the fastest way to get something done is to leverage public cloud infrastructure like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Whether you’re looking to build out a brand new business application or migrate applications from a decommission data center, you’re probably in the midst of adopting this new cloud based infrastructure model.

Many companies find during this migration process, that their old tools and approaches don’t fit well into the new cloud model. It’s not just the methods for securing your cloud infrastructure that change, but also who is responsible for security in this new model that distributes control down to each DevOps owner or application team.

Today, a new class configuration security tools is needed to understand the vulnerabilities of cloud native applications.


Siloed Infrastructure Scanning Solutions

Today, a new class configuration security tools is needed to understand the vulnerabilities of cloud native applications. With an increasing amount of cloud services and serverless functions, every application is now made up of hundreds of configuration parameters that, if improperly configured, can inadvertently expose corporate systems or data.

Organizations must maintain a close eye on vulnerabilities on their hosts, hardening systems, and OS and application level vulnerabilities. Historical tools are often charged by the node which doesn’t fit well into the dynamic infrastructure model or the scale of today’s microservice or container based systems.

Solutions should bring together the entire application infrastructure stack and understand the risks across the entire system in a cloud scalable model. This information should be available so that DevOps engineers can bake security into their designs.


Integrated Infrastructure Scanning

CloudCoreo provides a modern cloud scale approach to checking your infrastructure stack for security, compliance, and governance. This includes unifying the results across cloud, server, and application level configuration elements.

API Based Scanning
Automate API based cloud service configuration to validate all services configured. Look at dependencies across services to validate setup across networking, storage, compute and other serverless functions like monitoring and logging.

Deployment Level Visibility
Get results in context of your application to verify the security of each build or Job. Reduce risk and technical debt by getting the information to the right team.

Host / Application Level Scanning
CloudCoreo provides compliance as code rules that can target and verify the configuration of system. Scale compliance checks across thousands of systems without needing to install Chef. (Leverages and extends open source project InSpec.)