Proactive Cloud Security

Proactive Cloud Security with DevOps

cloudcoreo Jason Needham 0 Comments

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion around how to best integrate security into DevOps. Due to the business emphasis on agility and speed, many organizations are now having to clean up a large pile of technical security debt and are trying to figure out how streamline better DevOps practices in the future. On InfoWorld, Fahmida Rashid writes: “Developers keep …

Rubin's vase, an image that can either be perceived as a vase or two silhouettes

The Power of Context

cloudcoreo George Moberly 0 Comments

It seems obvious to say, but without context, nothing for us as humans makes any sense. I have recently started learning Russian. I was very proud of myself for learning the block letters of the Cyrillic alphabet when I then learned that there is also the cursive letter set, in which several of them just seem like an endless series …